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The Suffering Movie Hindi Free Download

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646f9e108c A death row convict must fight his way to freedom when nightmarish monsters invade the prison.
A man known only as "Torque" is sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and two sons, an event he can remember nothing about, and is soon locked up on death row at Abbot State Penitentiary, the toughest, nastiest prison in Maryland. Torque has little time to lament his fate, as Abbot is suddenly overrun by strange monsters. As guards and prisoners alike are cut down by the creatures, who seem to embody different methods of death, from be-headings to lethal injection to being buried alive, Torque must battle these beasts (with guns, improvised weapons, and even an adrenaline-fueled rage ability that almost literally turns him into a monster) if he hopes to get off Carnate Island alive. Along the way, he'll learn more about Carnate's sordid history, including the restless spirits of a former prisoner, a former executioner, and a psychologist who's not quite right in the head himself. He'll also encounter friendly faces along the path to freedom, and whether he chooses to help these folks, or simply gun down everyone who gets in his way, changes the circumstances of the incident that sent him to prison, and nudges him towards either salvation… or damnation.
I work at an EB Games store and we had received the new Xbox magazine with the demo discs. One of the demo's happened to be The Suffering. I'll tell ya, for the brief 15-20 minutes the demo gave you to play, it was damn scary stuff. The atmosphere was creepy, the monsters scare the crap out of you, the noises would startle anyone, and the voices in your characters head will send chills up your spine. I am definately going to get this one when it is released.
A neanderthalic barbarian named Torque has been convicted of murdering his family. Although he claims he was blacked out at the time his wife and two children were killed and couldn&#39;t remember anything. He is sent to the infamous Abbott State Penitentiary, a very old institution built to house the most dangerous criminals in the state of Maryland….and also a place where child killers are not too popular among their fellow inmates. Rather Torque is guilty or innocent of his crime remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Torque has always been a very violent and angry man and has been sent to different correctional facilitates through out his life because of his temper.<br/><br/>The Abbott State Prison is located on the very old Carnate Island where many terrible things have happened for hundred&#39;s and hundred&#39;s of years. For a very long time many evil people have done their evil deeds on the island. Now one way of looking at this game is like this: The night Torque arrives, there may be finally way too much evil for the little that is good to hold on to, thus causing an extremely overwhelming amount of evil to explode and be unleashed all over the island. The gates of Hades have been opened and it is now judgment night. Armageddon is here. It is a fight to the death between all sinners, both past and present and only the strong will survive.<br/><br/>That&#39;s just one theory. That&#39;s one of the many great things about the game. It can be interpreted in so many different ways. It&#39;s all up to the individual gamer.<br/><br/>Torque is a very interesting and different character because most heroes in the genre of horror movies are usually very weak people who just barely survive, whereas Torque is just as dangerous as the enemies in the game. In fact, based on how you decide to control him….he may be the biggest threat.<br/><br/>&quot;The Suffering&quot; is something straight out of the book of Revelations. Beware of monsters, demons, ghosts, witches and even your fellow human beings….i.e. other convicts and the prison guards. Just because all hell has broken loose does not mean everyone has changed and became better people and want to help one another. Some cons are still just as dangerous as they were before and some of the correctional officers are just as corrupt. In fact, you might find some of the men to be more dangerous then they usual would be because they are scared and like you, they too are fighting to survive and get out of the prison and island alive and they don&#39;t know who they can trust. So be very careful who YOU trust, no matter how polite or helpful they appear to be at first. If you do find someone you think you can trust and you join forces, don&#39;t allow them to slow you down or hold you back. Watch your own back at all times. <br/><br/>This is the only game I have ever played where enemies not only attack you….but they attack other enemies as well! It&#39;s pretty cool. In fact, a few times I&#39;ve played this, I&#39;ve actually been unintentionally saved by my foes and/or I have even depended on them to take down another enemy while I deal with another but after that business is over with, we go back to trying to kill each other. It is literally every man and every beast for himself.<br/><br/>I found the game to be scary, difficult, stressful and frustrating, but also a whole lot of fun!

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